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Outdoor fireplaces, metal Chimineas and cast iron chimeneas have been extremely popular over the past year. More and more people are trying to escape from their homes to the patio yard and garden. This trend is creating a huge demand for all types of yard and garden accents and accessories.

People have always been drawn to fire. Whether it's to watch the flames dance, smell the aroma of burning wood or absorb the heat people will always congregate around the fireplace. I guess this is why outdoor fireplaces and chimeneas have become so popular. What better way to spend a cool evening with friends and family.

As outdoor fireplaces increase in popularity so do the styles available. When we first started in this business over 4 years ago there were about 4 popular chimenea styles and outdoor fireplaces in general were pretty basic and not nearly as popular as they are today. As more an more people migrate to the backyard the outdoor fireplaces and chimeneas will continue to change designs and shapes to suite the demand of the consumers. Right now there are literally hundreds of styles of outdoor fireplaces ranging from the very basic unfinished metal cylinder to the elaborate stone outdoor fireplaces adorned with stainless steel grills, smokers and ovens. The most popular styles seem to be the more portable and cost effective metal fireplaces similar to the ones sold at www.chimineasinc.com.

The same can be said for cast iron chimineas. At first they were simply black, cast iron bowls with a rudimentary stack. As they became more popular cast iron chimineas evolved into decorative patio accents. Cast iron chimineas are now available in a large variety of styles and sizes and come with a variety of options and finishes.

No matter which one you choose your outdoor fireplace or chimenea will always capture the attention of your guests and keep you warm on those cool evenings.

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