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Distributors Wanted

Large Retailers and Distributors Needed!

PA, NY, NJ, Virgina (Hot Chiminea spots still open!) Best Quality! Best Prices!

Shipping 28' 48' 53' Loads!

MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, VT Customers email for a distributor near you! Shipping smaller than truck load quantities in these areas! From 5-100 units! Don't Let the Chiminea craze pass you by! Retailers are experiencing incredible sales! Contact Us Today!


View over 50 Styles of our Chimineas

How much money can I make?

truck loading chimineas This is a question we get all the time and the answer is truly up to you but let me give you an example. One gentleman in New England, within two weeks of becoming a distributor moved three trailers of Chimineas. Two trailers went to a home center chain and the other went to his warehouse where he unloaded the truck and delivered orders to the smaller retail stores.

Of course there is overhead, the warehouse space, delivery vehicle, labor etc. However, the bottom line is he had a gross profit of over $25,000 in his first month with just the three trailer loads! That's after he paid for the merchandise. That's pretty good if you ask me! Now not everyone is going to immediately land a big customer. In fact you may never have a customer that takes more than 50 Chimineas at a time. That's fine as most of your profits will be made on the small orders to local garden centers, crafters, specialty shops and outdoor product retailers.

If you are able to wholesale just one trailer per month the profits are excellent and one trailer a month is not a lot. Here is an idea of what you can make moving 1 trailer in a month:

Cost of one of our popular Chimineas: $28
(Our Chimineas come with the stand)

Freight, Customs, loading etc.
(If you were in say New York it would come too roughly $13 per Chiminea and that's a high estimate.) Total: $41

Now let's use the selling price of one of our distributors for this particular Chiminea: $80

And we can fit about 430 of these Chimineas on a bulk packed trailer. That generates a gross profit of $16,770.00 and that's for just one load of Chimineas priced very competitively. Say you move two trailers a month or even three? Do the math! The numbers are impressive. This does not include the accessories that are a MUST for most retailers.

These high profit add ons are the gravy!

What do I need to get started?

We have heard of people starting off with nothing more than the will to succeed however we recommend the following:

  • A Box truck or trailer for delivery
  • A minimum of 2000 sq. feet of warehouse or storage space
  • A strong back! Chimineas aren't light!
  • Motivation!

That's basically it! Don't get me wrong. If you order a trailer and then sit around and hope the Chimineas sell themselves you won't make any money but if you recognize the HUGE potential of the Chiminea industry and work hard you can write your own ticket.

What type of assistance do you provide?

One of the biggest differences between Chimineas Inc and others offering Chimineas is our vast retail experience. We have actually retailed and wholesaled thousands of Chimineas. I don't mean to distributors but through our retail stores. We know what retailers want and need. You won't go it alone. We will do everything we can to help you succeed. Why wouldn't we? Your success is our success!

Unique features of becoming a Chimineas Inc distributor

Professionally designed, color brochures and catalogs available to you and your customers. Comprehensive use and care instructions Chiminea poster display of 24 of the most popular styles. Excellent for show displays Phone support. Does your customer have questions you can't answer? Get them on the phone with us! Member only area at our web site for distributors to discuss their business and exchange ideas. Daily updates keeps you informed of new products and specials One of the industries largest selections of Chimineas. Over 50 Styles and growing. We have taken all of the guesswork out of distributing Chimineas.

Ordering procedure & How long it takes to get my Chimineas?

Ordering Chimineas is relatively simple. To start you must select the styles and colors. It is very important that you allow us to help you make your selections. There are certain styles that move better than others. We typically have 1500+ Chimineas in stock so if you need them quick your best bet is to pick from our inventory. The difference in lead-time from in stock to out of stock is only 7-10 days so we usually advise you to order what you want regardless of whether or not it is in stock.

After you have selected your Chimineas you must fax or email us your order. You must include the model number and quantity. At this point we check the availability and give you an estimated date of departure from our factory. We will also confirm the exact cost of the load including freight, customs etc. Next we need a 50% deposit. We only accept M/C, Visa, Amex, Discover and check or Money order.

Once the deposit is received your Chimineas go into production. In 2-4 weeks your order is ready to be shipped and we will contact you to let you know the departure date and ETA. At this point the remaining balance is due. Your Trailer of Chimineas will arrive at your location. That's it in a nutshell.

Now, let me discuss for a moment some of the intricate details that many suppliers leave out.
A typical trailer load has approximately 4-15 damaged or broken Chimineas. This is not unique to us this is an industry wide average. No matter how well we package the Chimineas or how great the truck driver is some will almost always break. Unfortunately you must absorb the breakage unless of course it is an abnormally large amount. On the bright side. Once you have established yourself you will find that there are people out there that want your broken Chimineas. They may not be suitable for the intended use as an outdoor fireplace but there are landscapers and garden centers that use them for plants etc.

Shipping was one of the biggest problems a few years ago when we began to receive Chimineas from Mexico. Fortunately it has gotten much better as the industry has grown but there are still times when a truck gets stuck at the border for a couple of hours or even days. In the event the truck gets stuck at the border crossing it could add anywhere from $100-$300+ to your shipping charges. This is not something that happens often but be aware it is possible.


Lets break down the ton of information we've given you into a few simple points.

  • We ship Chimineas to you direct from the factory.
  • We have over 50 styles to Choose from.
  • Our Chimineas are VERY high quality.
  • Our prices are factory direct.
  • They're better than competitive.
  • We give you unlimited support via the Internet and phone.
  • We offer professionally designed marketing materials.
  • We know what your customer wants.
  • We offer you an unparalleled line of Chiminea accessories at the industries best prices!
  • Lead- time for Chimineas is approximately 3-5 weeks depending on where you are.
  • Loading brokers fees, customs and freight add roughly $9-15 to the cost of each Chiminea.

This is such a fun business. We have met so many great people including, dare I say it, some of our competitors. I want to give you a little advice. Although most of the Chiminea distributors and importers I have met are fine people you will see a few bad apples that claim to "own factories in Mexico" or forget to mention that you need to factor freight and customs into your pricing. There is even one company, which has taken peoples money and never shipped the product. As far as I know they are now out of business and under investigation.

At any rate take your time and make sure you feel comfortable with the company you are working with.

If you like what you've heard so far then please fill out our information request form so we can speak over the phone. One thing we're not is high-pressure sales people. We love what we do. Don't expect a polished sales pitch because you'll be very disappointed. We'll answer all of your questions and give you some insight into the Chiminea industry.

Chimineas are our passion!