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Home Centers And Quantity Orders

Chimeneas at the best prices! Large selection of high quality clay and cast iron chimeneas.

Clay Chimenea Distributor and wholesale information

Chimeneas have now become a very popular product standing the test of time. This has increased the demand of many home and garden stores moving chimeneas from "fad" status to a "must have" product.

Chimineasinc.com is capable of supplying distributors and large retailers chimineas and related accessories.

Chimineasinc.com is unique in that we don't sell small quanities of clay chimeneas, only orders of 220 (1/2 trailer load) and up. At the present time we are capable of producing 5000+ chimeneas per month and can easily expand production should the need arise.

It is possible for you to be the only one selling a specific style. This feature provides you with a unique selling advantage. This requires a minimum order of 4 trailer loads and the style will remain unique to you as long as you carry our product line.

Shipping/warehousing and handling chimeneas has always been a tough hurdle to overcome. Most distributors want to maximize the space on their trailer loads to offset the freight cost. To do this we offer "bulk packaging". The chimineas are stuffed with rubber and are individually wrapped in Polyethylene Foam, prior to being loaded. Next cardboard is placed between the chimeneas and rubber padding is added for extra cushioning.The chimineas are stacked in the trailer in 2 levels with stand and additional accessories placed on top as well as in other open areas within the load. This method of packing typically yields a quanity of 430 chimineas + depending on the styles and sizes ordered. We have fit as many as 500 chimeneas in one 53' trailer.

Another option which is common for homecenters is to have each chimenea individually boxed and then loaded and shipped on pallets. This makes it much easier (and faster) to offload at your warehouse. The freight cost rises however the breakage at your facility will decrease. We can typically fit anywhere from 170-240 boxed and palletized units on a 53' trailer.

It is also possible to order your chimeneas boxed but not palletized. This option saves some space and allows for an additional 20 or so units to be loaded on the truck.

If you have a special packaging method you would like to use that is fine too. We will make every attempt to accomodate your special needs.

Pricing Information

All of our pricing is based on our standard, high quality chimeneas and include the 1/2" (not 3/8") iron stand in your choice of J, S or U style.

  • 1 Trailer - Average cost per unit = $32
  • 2-4 Trailers - Average cost per unit = $30
  • 4-8 Trailers - Average cost per unit = $28
  • 8+ Trailers - Average cost per unit = $23-$26

This is just a sample of the pricing and may vary. Larger orders are custom priced based on quantity

Lead times

Because we have anywhere from 700-2000+ chimeneas in stock at any given time during the season we can ship non-custom orders within 1.5 weeks assuming a trailer is available. On custom orders (anything not in stock) the lead time is approximately 3 weeks from order to packing + transit time.

Bundling Products

Along with our chimeneas we are capable of providing additional products and services:

  • Bagged chimenea wood (pinion, mesquite, juniper, oak etc.)
  • Clay Pottery
  • Sparkys
  • Lids
  • Hang Tags
  • Free standing front screens
  • Tools (poker,shovel, tongs)
  • Boxed wood
  • Decorative resin window frames
  • Rustic iron wine racks

Box stores and Home centers

We are interested in developing relationships with large customers looking for large quantities of chimeneas. We have seen many large retailers offering inferior chimeneas. It is highly likely we will be able to provide you with a better product for less money! It's worth your time to check our pricing and quality!

Please fill out and submit the below form and we will contact you to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a quotation based on your individual needs.

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