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Chiminea Cooking

Chimineas and outdoor fireplaces have been such a HUGE part of our life since 1999. We have seen so much change within the outdoor hearth industry. So many unique products have come and gone and the popularity of outdoor fireplaces has continued to increase.

Over the past year one product in particular has exploded in popularity. The outdoor wood fired oven!

Our first experience with a wood fired oven was several years ago. We were at a show in our area and there was a dome shaped outdoor fireplace that looked pretty cool. I thought about adding it to my product line but I couldn't figure out a way to incorporate it into one of our outdoor kitchens.

The past 12 months I have had more requests for outdoor wood fired ovens than I had over the previous 10 years combined. In fact it is probably 3 times as many.

The next logical step was to find a high quality, reasonably priced source for outdoor wood burning ovens. The key is REASONABLY PRICED as most are ridiculously expensive or a pain in the butt to assemble. About 6 months ago we found our source and received our sample ovens and they are awesome!

Unfortunately, the popularity of these fantastic wood fired ovens has meant that our inventory is getting low. In fact we are already out of stock on one model.

Here is our outdoor wood fired oven site: Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens

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Fired Up Designs Universal Waterproof Chiminea Cover
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Fired Up Designs 36-inch Griller Clay Chiminea
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Oakland Living Black 33-inch Cast Iron Pagoda Fire Pit
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Oakland Living Antique Bronze 34-inch Cast Iron Pentagon Chiminea
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Oakland Living Black 26-inch Cast Iron Jr. Elite Chiminea
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Oakland Living Antique Bronze 50-inch Cast Iron Feast Chiminea
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